1.Q – Never heard of WOTV – who are they?
A – WOTV is an Israeli non- profit organization that supports the Israeli wine industry, arts and music, other Israeli charities through the purchase of vines.

2.Q – How does WOTV work?
A – WOTV is a program allowing individuals to plant grape vines in Israel in someone’s honor at $18/vine.

3.Q – What kind of “honor” are you referring to?
A – There are many a) life cycle events b) graduation c) new job d) saying thank-you e) Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts from the Men’s Club f) use your imagination

4.Q – How will someone getting the honor know they have a vine planted in their name?
Q – Two quick ways a) an email is sent to honoree immediately after purchase b) a beautiful printable PDF certificate is emailed to honoree NOTE: A hard copy of the certificate is available for an additional $5 if requested.

5.Q – What is the connection with the FJMC and why are they promoting WOTV?
A – The FJMC strongly supports both Israel and “green” initiatives. The WOTV allows both areas to be addressed in a very positive way.

6.Q – Beside supporting Israel and “green” initiatives is there any other benefit of WOTV?
A – Yes, the FJMC wants to support clubs and show the benefit of being an FJMC member. WOTV offers sustaining fund-raising opportunities for clubs to raise much needed local revenue for their club programs. Also, we have found that WOTV has tremendous appeal to a younger audience and could help clubs attract new members. Work with your focal in developing how the club can market this message.

A–Forevery$18vine purchased through the WOTV from the FJMC website in their name, clubs, clubs will receive $3/vine.

8.Q – Two questions, where does the remaining money go and is this donation tax-deductible?
A – First, yes, the donation is tax deductible and a receipt are quickly sent after the transaction. Regarding the remaining dollars here is the breakout per vine:

a) Club – $3
b) Region – $1
c) FJMC Int’l – $2
d) Planting the vine in Israel – $6
e) Israeli charities – $3
f) WOTV Operating expense – $3 or less than 20% of the donation. WOTV uses the $3/vine in creating marketing videos and other material. Additionally, WOTV helps the FJMC website and sales reporting.

9. Q – This program sounds similar to JNF?
A – Yes, in concept only making it easier for individuals to understand WOTV. However, JNF is a wonderful plus very large organization (largest Israeli landowner) compared to WOTV.

10.Q – How many Israeli wineries are involved with the program?
A-Currently around 10 located throughout the country. Listing is on the FJMC/WOTV link website.

11.Q – Does WOTV only work with the FJMC?
A – No, WOTV works with other Jewish non-profits outside the Conservative movement. WOTV works only with the FJMC in the Conservative Masorti movement through its clubs.

12.Q – Thanks for this info. How, do I get started with my club?
A – Very simple. Work with your regional WOTV focal on presenting the WOTV to your club members. The FJMC has several marketing tools including videos to better understand the program and answer questions. Then your club is ready to participate in WOTV. No other paperwork.

NOTE: Make sure to Brand and always remind your audience that this is an FJMC plus your MC initiative.

Israel has produced some very exciting videos on the program to review and share.

Wine on the Vine Promotional Video: (32 views)

Wine on the Vine Promotional: (12 views)

13.Q – What is the process to buying WOTV?
A – It’s simple. Go to the FJMC website and click on the link to WOTV. This brings you to a landing page and you’re ready to participate.

14.Q – How does my club get credit for the purchase?
A – Once on the website, there is a drop-down list by region and clubs for the purchaser to click on. Finish the purchase and once done, the purchaser gets confirmation and proper credit is given to your club.

15.Q – How does my club receive the WOTV funds?
A – There will be reports on the purchases done by club and a check will be sent quarterly to the region to disburse. Each region may have its own system or procedure of giving clubs their funds.

16.Q – What’s the best way to promote WOTV through my club and synagogue?
A – First, use traditional synagogue best practices to start – i.e. newsletter or shul mailings. Also, speak to your regional focal who will have information on what other clubs and regions are doing. Remember, there is nothing stopping any club in promoting WOTV.

17.Q – Does the WOTV program qualify for QUALITY or TORCH awards?
A – Stay tuned. With the WOTV initiative becoming a major program, we will be working with the leadership to bring WOTV into both categories.

18.Q- If I have more questions who should I contact?
A – Key Contact will be your regional focal for answers.

19.Q – What are the key points to stress in presenting WOTV?
A – Important question. We need to primarily focus on these points to our clubs and shuls:

  • Supporting Israel’s wine industry
  • Supporting Israeli Youth in Arts and Music
  • Sustainable Green initiative
  • Attracting younger club members
  • Sustainable club revenue stream